About Us

Designer Extraordinaire

Gina Malanca- Design & Sales

An Exceptional Designer with the ability to transform basic plans into something spectacular. Gina is generous with her time and willing to do whatever it takes to get it right.  With fourteen years of experience,  she is the go to person especially if you haven’t a clue where you’re headed. Gina is the road-map to Design Nirvana.

Colin Lydon-Sales, Order Placement & Review, Shipping/Receiving

The consummate combination of intelligence, compassion and professionalism, Colin exemplifies the characteristics of a natural leader. Whether placing orders with vendors, helping clients out of a major problem or checking order accuracy, his attention to detail is invaluable.  Shipping and receiving  (Will my order ship today?) is part of Colin’s M.O.  Colin’s regular customers typically seek him out knowing exactly what they want but if you have technical questions he can help you with that too .

Micah George-Sales, Order Placement & Tracking

If you frequent a lot of tile showrooms you have probably encountered an ill-mannered sales person that is too busy adjusting his tiara or texting her friends to help you with your silly bathroom. Micah not only listens, she genuinely cares about what you are trying to accomplish. Enthusiastic and creatively gifted. Micah is that spark of talent that somehow is able to pull it all together. As a side note, if unable to reach Gina for any reason, contact Micah.

Claudia Standish, Accounting/ Manager

Graduate of the “Micro Managing School of Accountancy” Claudia is that wonderful superwoman that corporations pay the big bucks for.  While working on bookkeeping, business plans, tax filing or project evaluation, Claudia always presents an altruistic and honest approach to the day to day obstacles we occasionally find ourselves mired in.

Kathy Blakeney, Principal/Designer

Classical music has Mozart and the design community has Kathy Blakeney. (Kathy is too humble to enjoy this metaphor.) Whether drafting a quick sketch for a client that looks like its taken weeks, redesigning a room plan, or collaborating on an extensive project, Kathy’s guidance is immeasurable.  Specifically working on large scale projects and those that require historical research and expertise, Kathy is available by appointment only.

Jack-The Cat, (In Memory)

After a courageous struggle for four months to eat, drink and jump onto our desks for his daily hugs, our 13 yr old friend and confidant Jack has passed away.  We know that our clients and their children will miss Jack as much as we will. He was an “old soul” and brightened all of our days with his simple “MeYow” and trusting Purr of Love.  We will never forget him.

Showroom Hours- Monday – Friday 9 – 5-  Saturday 10 -3- Closed Sunday

After hours appointments available, call us to schedule!